Leading The Future of Zero Waste Food Recycling

If food waste were a country
it would be the third largest CO2 emitting country in the world.

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of the current food supply in the U.S. is wasted, which equates to $161 billion in economic cost.

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of unused food ends up in landfills or incinerators.

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Of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere comes from methane produced by food in landfills.

At capacity, our food waste recycling solution is equivalent to removing 33,700 cars off the road every year.

Our Mission

Bright Feeds is pioneering a new pathway to combating climate change and meeting global food insecurity challenges through innovations in waste management.

We help companies meet their sustainability goals and increase profit margins by turning their unwanted food into high-quality nutritious animal feed.

Food waste to animal feed processing in Connecticut

Watch our video to learn more about our unique approach to food waste recycling.

Why The Solution We Offer Is The Best

Source: U.S. Food & Drug Administration

We recycle your unwanted food and turn it into a nutritious animal feed.

We offer a 100% sustainable option for diverting food waste from landfills and incinerators.

Our process creates a consistent, environmentally conscious, and more affordable option for feeding livestock.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals and Increase Profit Margins

Our goal is to create lasting partnerships with our customers by offering a sustainable and highly competitive economic solution to their food disposal needs. Our team will analyze your food waste and turn around a customized proposal to start saving you money in no time.

24/7 Outstanding Service

We operate our own local fleet as well as partner with premier haulers, meaning we guarantee equipment service or pickups within hours of any unscheduled service call.

Simply Lower Costs

Expect simple, straightforward pricing on your waste disposal bills. Our efficient process and business model means you always get the lowest prices possible

Credit You Deserve

We work closely with local Chambers of Commerce and act as a liaison with government agencies to advertise and pass along carbon credits or other benefits you deserve.

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