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The Bright Feeds Story

Bright Feeds is a New England-based green startup solving the food waste crisis by diverting unwanted food from the waste stream and converting it into a high-quality, nutrient-rich animal feed replacement for soy and corn. Using cutting-edge AI and drying technology, developed with engineers at Boston College and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Bright Feeds has brought food waste processing into the 21st century with an energy-efficient process that is carbon-negative.

Food waste is a key contributor to climate change. In the U.S., about 40% of food is never eaten—and that waste often ends up in landfills or greenhouse gas-emitting incinerators. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), feeding animals is the top solution for reducing food waste after feeding hungry people. 

Thanks to our pioneering technology, Bright Feeds can accept a wider variety of food waste than other food recycling alternatives: not just dry, grain-based bakery products, but also vegetables, fruit, and other wet waste. Being able to take in a variety of unwanted food enables Bright Feeds to produce a more nutritious feed ingredient. We then sell our meal blends to animal feed manufacturers who use our product as an ingredient in their feed. 

This allows us to pass the savings back to our clients to further reduce costs and add to their bottom line.


Our 3 B’s of Quality

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Bright Technology

Working with world class engineers from Boston College and WPI, we’ve developed an innovative method for turning historically un-recyclable discarded food into high-quality animal feed.

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Bright Service

More than a service provider, we’re a partner to our customers — helping them achieve their sustainability and cost-saving goals — on time and on schedule.

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Bright People

From our board to the truckers making customer pick-ups, our people hold themselves to the highest standards of environmental stewardship, accountability, and customer service.

Meet The
Bright Feeds Team

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